Nailed It: Guy Embarrassed Of Using Selfie Stick Creates Even More Embarrassing Selfie Arms

November 23, 2015


Young Japanese man Mansun was embarrassed of using a selfie stick. So what did he do? "Not use a selfie stick?" WRONG. He modded two selfie sticks with fake hands, that way he looks like a circus sideshow attraction whenever he's trying to take a picture of himself. Personally, I'm not into the whole selfie stick thing. I've only used one a handful of times, and only then to try to fit my whole penis in the photo, which was futile.

Keep going for a couple more shots of the magnificence.




Thanks to JF, who modded a selfie stick to look like a wizard's staff and everyone around gets scared he's trying to cast a spell on them whenever he's taking a photo.

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