More Of This Please: Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal Performed On A Carnival Barrel Organ

November 13, 2015


This is a video of barrel organ enthusiast Patrick Mathis performing Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' in what appears to be a barn that was just ravaged by a tornado. A barrel organ is basically a giant music box that plays a pipe organ by reading a barrel with a bunch of pins in it (although in this case its a long roll of paper with holes in it). The sound kind of reminds me of the music from the first few Monkey Island games. Also, I like how Patrick really gets into spinning that crank. He is FEELING IT. You know, I wish I was a smooth criminal. I'm not though. The last time I tried stealing a friend's wallet not only could I not get it, but I accidentally left my watch and cell phone in his pocket.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to mazzerman, who wants somebody pushing a barrel organ behind him wherever he goes to provide the soundtrack for his life.

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