Look Mom, I'm A Sith Lord: Become Darth Vader Or Chewbacca With This Star Wars Bedding

November 18, 2015


These are two Star Wars twin-size bedding sets created by SNURK and being sold by J. Crew. They cost $90 and come with a duvet cover and pillow that either look like Darth Vader or Chewbacca. Plus if you don't want to pretend to BE one of them, you can pretend you're sleeping NEXT to one of them. I bet Chewbacca is a great cuddler provided his fur isn't matted and smell like urine. Which I imagine it absolutely does. Plus if he decides to stretch out your ass is getting knocked out of bed. I used to date a girl that was nine feet tall and she took up a king size bed plus another queen at the bottom and I slept in a sleeping bag on the bathroom floor. Our relationship was perfect except for pretty much everything.

Keep going for Chewie.




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