Legend Of Zelda Hylian Crest And Triforce Bed Comforter

November 4, 2015


First of all, that looks absolutely nothing like the room of a person I imagine would own a Zelda comforter. Where's all the video game memorabilia? Where are all the empty fast food bags? Where's the mess? Yes, I'm projecting. This is the The Legend Of Zelda Triforce Full/Queen Comforter available from Hot Topic. It's currently 20% off from $70 to $56. That is a great deal. So great I just bought two for when I inevitably shit the bed and ruin the first one. "Wait, what?" I said I bought two for when the first one gets covered in too much sex.

Keep going for one more shot.


Thanks to my friend Jackie, who loves Zelda almost as much as I do. ALMOST.

  • econoking

    Too bad it doesn't come in King size, for my massive bed.

  • Xockszky

    It looks cool, but until it gets washed enough to look grey and faded, you will wake up looking like you just came up from the coal mines. It happens to me when I buy dark coloured sheets and blankets. I also look like a smurf if I buy dark blue bedding.

  • Nicky Lefebvre

    Did anyone else catch a whiff of eau de middle aged virgin?

  • da1nonlysage

    After about 15 years of these kinds of jokes they get stale; you know? My gf thinks my Zelda obsession is cute, but more of a money-maker down the line as stuff like this will be worth a few hundred to maybe a few thousands of dollars. You'd be wise to think about stuff like that, life can be funny.

  • Nicky Lefebvre

    Ha! Perhaps I should have included a hearty education in the Australian sense of humour first... I am in a 6 year relationship my fiance and between us we own more BTTF, Zelda and assorted anime stuff than we can count. It was a joke. I would hardly be trolling a geek site if I wanted to hang shit on geeky crew much like myself.

  • da1nonlysage

    My USA humor is bland and misunderstood sometimes too. =)

  • Nicky Lefebvre


  • archer923

    I would get this. It doesn't cross the line of being badly tacky. Like other bed sheets out there.

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