I'll Eat Your Face!: Get A Cookie Cutter Of Your Own Face

November 23, 2015


For $50 Etsy shop Copypastry will make a custom cookie cutter of any face in a photo that you provide. I just sent a picture of my dog's butt wearing sunglasses because I've really been wanting to step up my holiday cookie game this year. Family and friends will be talking about these cookies FOR YEARS TO COME. Especially if everybody gets food poisoning and has to go to the hospital again this year.

Keep going for several more pictures.






  • Billy Rocka

    Any face you say? Can I put sunglasses on my cack & snack, snap a picture and send it in? It'll look like the candy NERDS guy with glasses, I promise...

  • bluecheesedressing

    I always wanted a Lisa Loeb cookie cutter.

  • Cute dog.

  • TheQiwiMan

    She looks cuter when she takes off her glasses... :-/

  • Gene Kaufman

    I want a Danny Devito cookie cutter.
    So I can put it in the TRASH!

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