Heck Yeah, Battle Cats: 3-D Print Your Own Cat Armor

November 4, 2015


Cats: they like to do battle. I admire that about them. I'm also jealous of how much they get to sleep. This is the 3-D printed cat armor designed by 3-D printing enthusiast Jwall (pronounced J-Wall) of PrintThatThing. You can download the design at Thingiverse HERE to print your own. Don't have a cat? Print a set for a friend and gift it to them for Christmas. Don't have a friend? WELCOME TO THE CLUB. I meet at the bar and just sit there real quiet by myself looking sad and picking the label off my beer bottle.

Keep going for a bunch more shots (including the sweet skull accent) and a video.







Thanks to Jason G, who is busy designing 3-D printable armor for all his pets because he believes in being apocalypse ready, no matter what kind of apocalypse it might be.

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