God, Is That You?: Rare And Beautiful Hole-Punch Cloud And Rainbow Spotted In Victoria, Australia

November 6, 2015


Note: Larger version HERE.

This is a rare fallstreak hole (aka hole-punch cloud) spotted in Victoria, Australia. Fallstreak holes "are formed when the water temperature in the clouds is below freezing but the water has not frozen yet. It is believed that the introduction of large numbers of tiny ice crystals into the cloud layer sets off this domino effect of evaporation which creates the hole." I mean, sure, that COULD be how they're formed. Or they could be formed when an angel sees a naked sunbather and wants to get a closer look. Remember: the simplest answer is often the right one.

Thanks to Allyson, who can burn holes in clouds with her laser vision anytime she wants. Coooool, but can you make it rain?

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