Germans Demonstrate Tank's Stabilized Gun With A Beer

November 30, 2015


This is a video from 1986 of Germans demonstrating the Leopard 2's fully stabilized main gun. They do so by filling a beer, setting it on top of the gun's muzzle, then speeding the tank around without spilling any beer. Most impressive. You know it's important to know where you cannon is pointed if you actually want to hit what you're aiming for. Without a stabilized gun you can hit a ditch and wind up shooting your own squad. That's like going to the bathroom and thinking you're hitting the urinal before looking down and realizing you never took your cannon out of your pants in the first place. Now your pants are soaked and the bar doesn't have a back exit. WHAT DO YOU DO? Well if you're like me or James Bond, you knock out the next guy who comes into the bathroom, take his pants (along with your own wallet, phone and keys), and don't forget to pay your bar tab before making a quick getaway.

Keep going for a short video, as well as a longer one in German.

Thanks to ZM, who agrees there should be way more bars with tanks that serve beer.

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