Gandalf And Balrog "You Shall Not Pass" Jack O' Lantern

November 2, 2015


Well, Halloween is over, so you all know what that means. "CHRISTMAS FULL STEAM AHEAD." Yep. A couple of my neighbors put their decorations up yesterday. I am going to go over there sometime this week and ring the doorbell and sing carols. And by carols I mean Incubus songs. This is a Gandalf and Balrog 'You Shall Not Pass' jack o' lantern. If you look closely you can see they even carved the inscription from the One Ring around the outside. That was a nice touch. Some jerk smashed my jack o' lantern on the sidewalk Halloween night. That jerk was me. I was drunk and disappointed with the face I'd carved.

Thanks to hairless, who painted his face like a jack o' lantern for Halloween and even held one of those little flickering candle lights in his mouth. Very clever!

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