Facebook Adds Feature To Hide Past And Future Posts From An Ex When Changing Relationship Status To Single

November 23, 2015



Because a lot of people like to lie to themselves and pretend like they're not going to spend way too much time trying to see what their recent ex-boyfriend/girlfriend is doing, Facebook has just released a feature that allows you to fine-tune how much content you see from an ex in the future when you change your relationship status to single. It also allows you to hide previous posts (i.e. pictures of happier times), as well as how much of your content they can see. Alternatively, just remove them as a friend entirely and move on with your life. Have mutual friends? Delete all of them too. Start fresh, make new friends. Not good at making new friends? Stay home alone and play more video games. That's what I've been doing for the last six years, and look at me. "You look like shit." I'm not even sure if I'm alive anymore. I went to the doctor last week, guess what he said. "What do you need all these boner pills for anyways?" Exactly! That's when I told him to shut up and just keep scribbling.

Thanks to Dougie, who agrees the best Facebook option after a breakup is deactivating your account and hitting the gym.

  • GW has this one right. No need for this. They are an ex. Delete them and move on. End of story. Unless you want to bang again... then do that, but honestly just use the message section which works even when you aren't friends. Still don't go back to being facebook friends is what I'm saying. No point.

  • Chaz Gomez

    F Zuckerberg... F Facebook... Nothing but a bunch of POS... My fiancé died from breast cancer and a month later my son changes my status to "single" and I get blasted with Facebook ads for dating... I asked them to stop. They told me no. So I said FU and quit... never went back... been 4 years now... don't miss those pedophiles at all...

  • GeneralDisorder

    I had a Facebook account because my wife created it. I told her "ok, only if you don't put my real name on it and don't put my picture anywhere on it".

    I have never logged on except to delete the account when I kept getting flooded with stupid notifications in my e-mail. I also disabled that e-mail address which I can do because I own a domain or four.

  • hearsetrax

    Welcome to Facebook aka whar the Royals of Drama and Stupidity hang thar royal crowns of shame for all to see

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