Even Better Than The CG!: Mother Makes Ultra-Realistic Rocket Racoon Costume For Son

November 5, 2015


This is the Rocket Racoon costume mother Christina Borchardt painstakingly crafted for her son, Chase. It's almost hard to believe there's a kid in there and some mad scientist didn't just splice racoon and human DNA together. I feel like that may have been easier. You can see details of the whole build over at The RPF, where Christina documented the process. Good job, Christina. I tried making a realistic Rocket Racoon costume and everybody laughed at me. "You just glued a bunch of teddy bears to yourself." You are such a hater. *unbuckling belt* "Wait, what are you doing?" What's it look like? I'm about to pee on your shoes.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a couple videos.



Thanks to becca b, who sent me a picture of her ultra-realistic Groot costume until I realized it was really just a picture of a tree.

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