Disney To Retire All Slave Leia Merchandise In The Future

November 5, 2015


According to sources inside Disney, the company (along with Lucasfilm) plans to discontinue the manufacture and sale of any Slave Leia merchandise in the future. Will that make what already exists more collectible? One blogger with a self-storage unit full of Slave Leia merchandise hopes so! There is also a push to rename Slave Leia to Slayer Leia, since she uses the very same chains Jabba used to hold her captive to choke that sluggy f***er out until his eyes roll back in his head.

The "Slayer Leia" concept appears to be riding a wave of unease in the Star Wars fan community -- unease not with the costume itself, but with the way it has traditionally been portrayed in various forms of merchandise.

"Not only does Leia win, but she slays her oppressor Jabba with the chains that bind her," Star Wars blogger Tricia Barr wrote this summer on her site Fangirl..."

"Female cosplayers have taken the powerful message embedded in the character and worn the costume with pride..."

The fact that the slave attire serves valid storytelling and characterization purposes within the movie, however, does not somehow automatically give a free pass to all the ways Lucasfilm or its licensees have exploited the costume and its image since then.

I never even thought of that, that really is a powerful message. Of course, if George Lucas had his way he would probably remove Slave Leia from the movie entirely and replace her with a CG space bear or something. I also heard in the Mos Eisley scene between Han and Greedo he wanted to replace Han's blaster pistol with a baby so there's no way he could have shot first.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, several of whom are on eBay right now buying all the Slave Leia toys they can find.

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