Ask It If I'll Ever Have A Girlfriend: Giant Ouija Board Rug And Coffee Table Now Available (For A Small Fortune)

November 19, 2015


This is the Ouija board rug and coffee table imagined by Dave Delisle of Dave's Geek Ideas. It is now available as a custom commission from Tom Spina Designs. Pretty clever. You ever played with a Ouija board before? My friend had one growing up. We would stay up as late as we could and then ask it all sorts of questions about girls and our futures. It was pretty good at answering yes/no questions but anytime you asked a question that required spelling it was all nonsense. Apparently I was supposed to lose my virginity to a DNAHRUOY. Is that even a real name? "It's 'YOUR HAND' spelled backwards." Holy shit!

Thanks to Olivia, who actually heard screams when she set a Ouija board on fire, apparently because her little sister didn't want her burning all the board games.

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