Clever Bird: Crow Goes Fishing With A Piece Of Bread

November 2, 2015


This is a video of a crow fishing with a piece of bread. The bird is smart enough to use the bread as a tool instead of eating it. Basically the bird tears off a piece and floats it in the water. When a fish goes for it, it goes for the fish. That bird is easily twice as smart as the smartest one of my friends, who, for the record, is a pillow with a face drawn on it. Plus sometimes we are LOVERS. Right now we're in a fight though so I stuffed him between the bed and the wall until he apologizes. "What did I do?" YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID! (He stole all the covers and left me freezing on my side of the bed last night)

Hit the jump for the video, and then get pissed because he makes fishing look so easy.

Thanks to RJ, who prefers crabbing with pieces of frozen chicken on a string.

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