'Cat Pub' In Bristol, England Has 15 Kitties To Drink With

November 13, 2015


Like cat hair in your beer? Well you're in luck. The Bag Of Nails in Bristol, England is a pub that houses 15 cats to hang out with while you drink beers and try to forget about how much work sucks. Will you find yourself talking to them? You will absolutely find yourself talking to them. The pub had 24 cats at one point, but owner Luke Daniels said, "that was too much." Admittedly, there's a huge difference between 15 and 24, and that difference is...eleven? "It's nine." I hate math so much. So, anybody ever been there? Did you pet the kitties? Do you have any funny stories to tell? I went to a bar here in the U.S. once that had a cat but that cat turned out to be a raccoon and was not supposed to be there.

Keep going for more pics, including one of the biggest cat or smallest beer I've ever seen.








Thanks to PaulaV, who's convinced the owner got all those cats so people will talk to them instead of telling him all their problems when he's bartender. Clever!

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