Can't You See I'm Reading?!: Pillows That Look Like Books

November 13, 2015


Olde Book Pillow Classics from ThinkGeek are three pillows that look like classic novels. Treasure Island and The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes ($18 apiece) are permanently closed books, and Alice's Adventures In Wonderland ($25) is permanently open. Personally, I think all three should be able to open and close but I'm still gonna get them all anyways because THE MORE PILLOWS THE BETTER. Anybody who doesn't want a bed full of pillows doesn't like being comfortable. Who doesn't like being comfortable? I'll tell you who -- people who don't think they deserve it. You do though, everybody deserves it. Except my frenemies, they don't deserve any comfort. If I had it my way they'd all sleep on beds of nails. FINGERNAILS. "Sick!" I know, they really deserve it though.

Keep going for a couple more shots, including a guy face-down in Alice's Adventures In Wonderland.



Thanks to Time, who should really speed up and make it the weekend already.

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