Can Of Coke Sliding Across Table Sounds Like Chewbacca

November 30, 2015


Because this is the internet we deserve (Chewbacca toilet paper dispenser HERE), here's a video of a Coca-Cola Zero can being slid across a table and sounding remarkably like everybody's favorite Wookiee. Unless your favorite Wookiee is Wicket. "Wicket was an Ewok." No, Wicket was a MINIATURE Wookiee, look it up. "I did, it says he's an Ewok." Fine, call George Lucas then. "And say what?" I don't know, call him a jerk, get creative. "What if I ask him what Rancor balls smell like?" Sure! My guess is like low tide, if sewers had a low tide.

Keep going for the most enthralling video on the internet (besides my solo sex tape).

Thanks to DirtyDancer, whose moves may not be suitable for children under 18.

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