'Best Morning Ever' Coffee Mug Holds A Donut That Helps Keep Coffee Hot, Donut Warm

November 17, 2015


This is the 'Best Morning Ever' coffee mug designed by Tom Medwin. It has a ledge on top to hold a donut, which helps insulate your coffee and warm the donut at the same time. WIN-WIN. $15 gets you one if they reach their Kickstarter goal, which seems likely. My only real problem is the name. Best Morning Ever? The best morning ever is not coffee and a donut, it's sleeping in until it's not even morning anymore and you wake up ready for a Kickass Afternoon. I would have named it the Mugnut.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video if you need more information before your purchase decision. $15 is an investment.

Thanks to Catherine, who keeps her coffee hot the old fashioned way: over a fire. I thought I saw somebody with a fire in their passenger seat on my way to work today.

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