Beautiful Christmas Commercial About A Little Girl And An Old Man Who Lives On The Moon

November 10, 2015


Every year UK-based department store John Lewis puts out a ridiculously well produced Christmas commercial to advertise their stores. This is this year's. I also embedded the last two year's commercials in case you really feel like crying at your desk today. Why not? Maybe your boss will see you and let you go home early. It's worked for me before and I was just having a ghost pepper eating contest with my idiot friend Terry over Skype.

Keep going for the commercials, all of which you really should watch if you haven't seen them.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, none of whom asked for my address to know where to send gifts this year. Weird.

  • disqus_NwimWEsBnS

    Yeah, cry. Cry because this ad cost 7 MILLION POUNDS TO MAKE! Yep, £7mil on an ad about a lonely elderly person at Xmas. All because John Lewis want to tug at your vulnerable heart strings to make you to shop with them for your expensive Xmas presents... Possibly made in 3rd world countries. And there are actually lonely, elderly people who have nothing at Xmas.. Who are probably dying. Aren't there charities for these kinds of situations?
    That's it, go on.. CRY.

  • Miguel Valdez-Lopez

    Damn it, GW! I'm never falling for another of your sad, tear-jerker post--Oh! Look! A penguin!

  • Ollie Williams

    I come here for laughs, not this emotional bullshit that gets me all teary-eyed at my desk.

  • stray_bullett

    No kidding! Cut that sentimental stuff out, or I'll stop this car.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Nice try, GW, but you're not tricking ME into watching commercials.

  • Syd

    I'm not sure of that's the Man In the Moon, or a metaphor for someone who feels like they're so disconneted that they might as well be on the moon. /tear

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