Back To The Future II Clip Edited With Real Life 2015

November 11, 2015


This is a short clip from Back To The Future II edited with real-life 2015 elements. It made me realize how disappointing real life is and how much cooler it would be to live in a movie. Not a horror movie though. Or a disaster film. Or an action movie, because I'd probably get tired of running. I guess I just want to live in a comedy. Or an ADULT movie.

Me: *ringing doorbell*
Sexy Lady: Well hello there.
Me: Here's your pizza, ma'am, EXTRA green peppers.
Sexy Lady: Don't you mean extra sausage?
Me: Sadly, no, you will probably find the sausage coverage underwhelming. If you were hoping for a meat lover's, I can't recommend ordering from us in the future.
Director: CUT!
Me: What?! I was just being honest. I want good Yelp reviews.
Director:Where the hell did we find this guy?
Me: My penis is shaped like a boomerang.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to TimTim, who wants to live in a rom-com. But not as one of the main actors, but as the jovial bartender with sage advice.

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