Amaro And Walden's Joyride: Awesome Video Of R/C Jeep With Two Cartoon Characters Added

November 5, 2015


This is Amaro And Walden's Joyride, a worthwhile video from London-based The Line Animation starring cartoon characters Amaro And Walden cruising around town in a real-life R/C Jeep. It looks like they're having a great time. You know, me and my crew just like to cruise around sometimes. We'll usually hit up 7-11 for some drinks (I do Mountain Dew Code Red or Nesquik Chocolate Milk) and snacks (I do taquitos and/or Soft Batch cookies), then hit the streets in my buddy's PT Cruiser blaring the latest Taylor Swift. Shit, I meant Katy Perry. No -- Metallica. Is Metallica cool? We listen to Metallica.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to WTB, who was hoping for at least one barrel roll that never happened. Hey, not everything can be perfect.

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