Aluminum Dice With Colored LED Number Spots

November 23, 2015


These are Luma Dice, solid block aluminum dice with light-up LED number spots. The dice are powered by a replaceable battery, and have a motion sensor that activates the lights when you pick them up to roll them. They've been balanced to the best of the maker's ability, but are probably better suited for casual gaming sessions than serious gambling or rolling to see who gets stabbed first. They're currently a Kickstarter campaign, but have already met their funding goal, so $29 will get you a set of two when they ship in March. I just bought a pair, and I'm going to use them to play sexy games in bed after dark. Games like, "Left hand or right hand" and "Magazine or imagination." YOW YOW.

Hit the jump for several more photos and their Kickstarter video.





Thanks to Marcus, who has never lost at rolling to see who goes first.

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