Would Road Rage So Hard: Insane Chinese Traffic Jam

October 8, 2015


Seen here on what appears to be a 4,000-lane highway, a checkpoint on the other side of a tollbooth causes a bottleneck and massive traffic jam outside of Beijing. Honestly, if I had been stuck in this I probably would have spontaneously human combusted. I do not cope well with traffic. One time I got stuck in rush-hour traffic for twenty minutes and had already ripped the steering wheel off and was trying to hang myself with it using one of those little hooks made for dry-cleaning.

Keep going for the video, then be thankful this isn't part of your commute.

Thanks to MO, who would have given up hope and just started playing bumper cars.

  • Stannis

    Excellent argument for why we need self driving cars.

  • Steamboat

    I will never complain about the 401 ever again for the next five minutes.

  • Bling Nye

    1.4 billion people, seems legit.

  • Jonathan Schwieger Jr.

    Why are there 7 quadrillion lanes one direction and 4 on the other side?

  • shashi

    "Hi there. Where are you travelling to today?"
    "And Theeennn..."

  • Jason Christopher

    Well then.. That was a stupid f*cking idea.

  • autoceptor

    Well there's your problem.

  • peterjohn936

    Don't collect tolls. Just add the cost of highway building and maintenance to the gasoline and car sale tax.

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