Video Capturing People Spitting Fireballs In Bullet-Time

October 7, 2015


This is Inferno, a short video of people blowing fireballs captured in bullet-time using fifty separate cameras. Per the makers: "48 DSLR camera array + RED Epic (120fps) and GH4 (96fps). No CGI Animation or VFX. All imagery in this video was created in-camera." It really is worth a watch, even if you just skip around for a little because who has the time to watch a whole minute and 45 second video? That said, has anybody made a bullet-time adult movie yet? That way you could get ALL THE ANGLES. Top, bottom, left, right, under the balls, beside the balls, INSIDE THE BALLS. Did I ever tell you I invented a buttplug that has a video camera facing outward so you can capture a butt eye's view of the world? I came up with the idea one night after challenging myself to walk all the way to the fridge and back to get a snack and videotape the whole trip from a phone clenched between my buttcheeks. I'm an innovator. Tesla Motors wants to hire me but I told them I'm not interested until my signing bonus is an electric jetpack.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees somebody should film a bunch of spit-takes in bullet-time if they haven't already.

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