This Year's Most Insane Halloween House Light Display Synchronized To Ghostbusters Theme Song

October 23, 2015


Every year the folks at Creative Lighting Displays produce a ridiculously elaborate Halloween house display. This is a video of this year's, synchronized to the Ghostbusters theme song. How many lights are there? F***ING TONS, THAT'S HOW MANY. So many you can see the house from space. Just kidding, but you can definitely see it from the road.

4 singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved pumpkins, strobes, floods, 2 Matrix boards and thousands of lights. All RGB LED except for the faces, floods and a few light strings. E1.31 DMX and LOR driven. 8000+ channels. Riverside, CA.

Man, I would love to live in that neighborhood. Not because I necessarily want to watch the display, but anybody who goes that buck-wild with Halloween decorations better be handing out full-size candy bars.

Keep going for the video, it really is worth a watch, even if you just skip around. Those lights are nuts.

Thanks to Rebecca B, who didn't synchronize a Halloween light display, but does flick the porch light on and off real quick when trick-or-treaters approach.

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