You've Gone Way, Way Too Far: The 'Till Death Do Us Part' Severed Bride & Groom Heads Wedding Cake

October 13, 2015


Because people stopped making sense and good decision a long time ago, this is the severed heads wedding cake an Austin, Texas, couple had made in their own likeness. I don't really know what to say. I bet the bride's grandmother did though. Probably something along the lines of, "It's just awful -- I told you she shouldn't have married him," before telling her young grandson playing Pokemon on his DS to, "Put the little television away and finish your salad."

Note: Article originally published October, 2013, but, because the internet is a Ferris wheel that I'm going to jump from with a trashbag parachute the next time it reaches the top, it's going around again. Probably because Halloween.

Thanks to macaroni necklace, who agrees the best wedding cakes are the ones baked with love and TLC and not lust and DTF (sike, those are great too).

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