The Chambong: A Glass Bong For Chugging Champagne

October 16, 2015


This is the $25 Chambong, a 4-ounce glass vessel designed for guzzling champagne. You just fill it with bubbly, put your mouth on the little end, tilt it back, and wait for the hangover of a lifetime. But does a person REALLY need a bong to chug 4-ounces of champagne? Just throw back a regular glass. I could probably drink from a regular champagne flute just as quick. Of course that's me and I know how to open my throat. Plus I love chugging things. I can drink a two quart carton of orange juice or chocolate milk without stopping. That's true, and I have the videos to prove it. You think I should start a Youtube channel? "No." What about a sexy solo cam show?

Keep going for a couple more pictures.





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