That Was Kind Of Hard To Watch: Every Burp From The First Two Seasons Of Rick And Morty

October 6, 2015


This is a compilation video of every burp from the first two seasons of Rick And Morty. For those of you whose parents actually set up parental restrictions on the TV and don't let you watch Adult Swim, Rick is an elderly alcoholic scientist and burps a lot. Sometimes stuff comes out and hangs out on his bottom lip and chin. That is not a good look for anybody. My senior year of high school I told my girlfriend I was going to grow a soul patch and she immediately broke up with me and slept with two of my best friends and there is absolutely no question in my mind she made the right decision and I wish them all the best.

Hit the jump for the video, but before you watch it chug two beers and see how long you can burp along. I lasted 35 seconds.

Thanks to Duncan, who just pounded a 2-liter of root beer and is ready to rattle some windows.

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