Star Trek The Next Generation Uniform Messenger Bags

October 20, 2015


These are the Star Trek TNG Uniform Messenger Bags available from ThinkGeek ($70). They actually look pretty quality. Just don't carry the red one unless you want to get smacked by a bus on the way to work.

These Star Trek TNG Uniform Messenger Bags feature the red, blue, and gold division colors of ST:TNG along with a metal combadge affixed to the exterior. The interior features a sweet ST:TNG-themed lining and padding all around. Underneath the flap, which secures with magnets and a strap, the top closes with a zipper to keep all your stuff safe. But probably the most unique aspect of this bag is right above the organizer section under the flap - it's got pips! Each bag comes with 4 gold pips (cleverly rendered as riveted snaps) and 1 black pip so you can tell the world how you rank.

I used to carry a messenger bag when I was in college. I did a lot of things when I was in college though. Many of them really embarrassing. Freshman year I bought these fake leather pants that were made out of plastic and I wore them to a bonfire party and I got too close to the fire and they melted to my legs. The girl I had a crush on made fun of me so hard I almost dropped out and moved back home with my parents.

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Thanks to carey, who's holding out for a purple one.

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