Solid Experiment: Launching A Car Tire With An Airbag

October 15, 2015


This is a video of a group of guys using an airbag removed from a car to launch a tire. No word whose car that airbag belonged to, but they're probably not alive to complain anyways. The experiment can only be described as a huge success, and ends spectacularly. A real treat to watch. Like seeing a child throw a tantrum in the grocery story when their mom denies them candy at the checkout because they haven't been good enough. I always try to make eye contact with the kid, then smile and dump every box of candy they have into my cart. I TEACH LIFE LESSONS. "No, you look like a free-candy style creeper." Okay, yeah, I'm gonna stop doing that.

Hit the jump for the vertical video in all its glory.

Thanks to Dan, who loves the smell of deployed airbag. You're weird.

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