Slicing Blobs Of Jello w/ A Tennis Racket In Slow-Motion

October 1, 2015


Because sometimes experiments don't need a hypothesis, this is a video of the Slow-Mo guys whacking different colored blobs of Jello with a tennis racket at 2,500 frames/second. It cuts them into little square worms. You think they ate the Jello afterward? I would have, but I'm not a WASTER. I reuse paper and plastic cups too. "What's the matter with that?" I found them in my apartment's recycling dumpster. "You're sick." Am I? Or do I care about the planet? "I thought you wanted to nuke the planet." I WANT TO SO BAD.

Keep going for the video, then let's do the same thing this weekend. Or just drink beers and yell at people driving by, whatever.

Thanks to Barnaby, who wants to try the same thing but with ice cream. Mmmm, now I want Ben & Jerry's.

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