Pepsi Releasing Pepsi Perfect From Back To The Future II

October 6, 2015


To celebrate the day Marty arrives in the future (October 21st, 2015), Pepsi is releasing a limited edition of 6,500 bottles of Pepsi Perfect online for $20.15 apiece. For reference, that is entirely too much to spend on a soda, even in the future. What is it going to taste like? Is anybody actually going to drink theirs? If you hang on to an unopened bottle for a couple years, how much do you think it will be worth then? Ten dollars? Five?

Keep going for a couple promotional shots and a futuristic commercial.




  • Kanger

    It doesn't open like it does in the movie. :( http://media.liveauctiongro...

  • iofo61

    This will go right on my shelf of honor with my bottle of Crystal Pepsi.

  • GristleMcNerd

    ...yeah, no. If they hadn't pulled that "limited edition" nonsense I'd've gladly bought one, but this is just sad.

  • shokalion

    Did you expect them to switch to this style from now on or something?

  • GristleMcNerd

    Of course not, but I'd hoped they'd make enough to sell them at a reasonable price. I mean, I've got a couple "collectible" coke bottles, none of which cost more than a few bucks.

  • Yes! It's all true. We've got hoverboards. This Pepsi. And the Cubs are on their way to the World Series!

  • Is it sad that I'm really only excited for this so I'll never have to see the terribly Photoshopped images that pop up on Facebook and other social media every so often that have the wrong date for Marty's time travel, to make it look like it's that particular day?

  • JenniferJuniper

    You are delusional if you think this will stop that nonsense from happening. haha

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