One-Legged Paralympian's Latest Halloween Costume

October 27, 2015


Remember Paralympian Josh Sundquist's previous Halloween costumes? He's been the leg lamp from A Christmas Story, as well as a Gingerbread man with a leg bitten off and a pink flamingo. This year he's an IHOP sign, which Josh describes as "a classic amputee joke." I actually didn't get the joke when I first saw the costume, I just thought he was a sign. Obviously, I am not the most advanced vibrator at the sex toy store.

Hit the jump for a video of Josh's previous Halloween costumes (I missed the one when he was a foosball player last year) and the making of this year's. Then leave a comment telling me what you're gonna be this year so I can steal the best idea and tell all my friends I came up with it.


Thanks to my buddy James, who never decides on a Halloween costume until the day of because that's what happens when you don't have your life together at all.

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