Not So Happily Ever After: Dead Disney Princess Makeup

October 23, 2015


This is a small photographic series of makeup artist Shonagh Scott after making herself up to look like dead Disney princesses. Obviously, this is Princess Buttercup Cinderella here, but there's Snow White, Elsa, Belle and Ariel after the jump. So -- how do you think Cinderella get that glass heel through her cheek in the first place? Maybe she tried to eat it. You know how her carriage was a pumpkin before all the magic? Maybe those glass slippers were bananas and she was hungry.

Keep going for the other four, then help me mix up some fake blood for my Halloween costume.





Thanks to 7000, who wasn't even going to get a shoutout until Mister Retch pointed it out in the comments. That was my bad, and I'm sorry it's turned out so awful. Send me another tip and I'll give you a good one, I swear.

  • BriteSkittle

    These were frickin sweet. I cant even call a favorite

  • I'm trying to figure out how the glass slipper and the icicle have no blood on them what so ever.

  • flyppster

    Because they're fake?

  • Oh shit, that makes a lot more sense. Thanks!

  • Jenness

    Ok but seriously with Cinderella, how the hell did that 'accident' occur? I mean I get the pointy shoe end but what's with the flat shoe end - kind of makes little sense. My fave was the rotten apple and Ariel's throat - nice.

  • river jester

    It is broken glass. i agree that the pointy end would have looked better but is not unreasonable for that to happen. For example, If you break a beer bottle you can still stab someone with the big end.

  • Angela


  • Angela


  • MustacheHam

    Is it wrong if I laughed at the Elsa outfit?

  • Edward

    "Send me another tip and I'll give you a good one, I swear." You would...

  • Just the tip.

  • Geekologie


  • Big McLargehuge

    Can we be done with Disney Princesses already?

  • Carissa Lynn van Raak


  • Meh

    Yeah i'm going with the chick with the icicle.

  • Geekologie

    they are all the same lady

  • Meh

    I know:)

  • X_Retch

    "Thanks to 7000, who"...?

    I think we're missing some text.
    edit: Yay, fixed!

  • Geekologie

    WOOPS, let me fix that

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