Not So Happily Ever After: Dead Disney Princess Makeup

October 23, 2015


This is a small photographic series of makeup artist Shonagh Scott after making herself up to look like dead Disney princesses. Obviously, this is Princess Buttercup Cinderella here, but there's Snow White, Elsa, Belle and Ariel after the jump. So -- how do you think Cinderella get that glass heel through her cheek in the first place? Maybe she tried to eat it. You know how her carriage was a pumpkin before all the magic? Maybe those glass slippers were bananas and she was hungry.

Keep going for the other four, then help me mix up some fake blood for my Halloween costume.





Thanks to 7000, who wasn't even going to get a shoutout until Mister Retch pointed it out in the comments. That was my bad, and I'm sorry it's turned out so awful. Send me another tip and I'll give you a good one, I swear.

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