Nope: China's Glass-Bottomed Bridge Already Cracking

October 7, 2015


In news that shouldn't surprise anybody who knows bridges weren't meant to be made out of glass, the one that just opened in China has already started cracking (previously: Chicago's 103rd story glass skydeck cracking). Officials assured visitors that the cracks did not pose a safety concern, and that only one of three panes was actually broken, despite the fact that totally makes it sound like it's at least 1/3 less safe now. Did I mention people freaked out when it happened? PANDEMONIUM.

Reports describe visitors running and screaming in panic as they saw the damage on the U-shaped path at Yuntaishan (Yuntai Mountain) Scenic Park.

"As I was approaching the end of the passage, I heard a sudden loud 'bang.' My legs were shaken. I looked down and saw the pane underneath me had shattered.

"Some people screamed. I yelled, 'It really cracked. It really cracked!' Then I ran pushing the people in front of me. I was terrified."

I bet that was exciting! Nothing like thinking you're about to die to really get the ol' heartbeat racing. I almost got hit by a car when I was out for a stroll the other day (I take strolls) and my heart still hasn't slowed down. And that's not just the meth talking! Seriously, it's not, because I'm not on meth. Don't do meth. I am basically a D.A.R.E. officer. Let me know if you're a school administrator and want me to come talk to the kids.

Keep going for a closeup of the crackage.


Thanks to PT, who taught me there's more than just one kind of crack that can kill.

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