Nerd Fight!: William Shatner Dissing Star Wars On Twitter

October 28, 2015


William Shatner (or Williams Shatner as Fox News called him in their headline because they take journalistic integrity almost as seriously as I do) recently headed to Twitter to diss the Star Wars franchise. Specifically by insinuating some of the elements of the films were lifted from other movies and shows (the rebel flight suits from Space: 1999 and Captain Phasma's look from Battlestar Galactica). Obviously, the Shat is just trolling because sitting on a giant pile of Star Trek and money isn't as fulfilling as it sounds. Have you tried swimming through it like Scrooge McDuck? That reminds me -- you know those hurricane booths that they fill with $1 bills and they all blow around while you try to grab as many as you can before the time runs out? Well I went to the beach once and the bar I was at had one and I got picked to do it but I was so drunk I started puking and that shit blew EVERYWHERE. I seriously doubt anybody has ever been more covered in puke than I was that day. They kicked me out and banned me, but I did get to take all the puke money.

Thanks to Jarod, who agrees when it comes to a Star Wars vs. Star Trek fight, everybody participating is a dork.

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