London Zoo Meerkat Expert Attacks Monkey Handler Over Love Tryst With Llama-Keeper

October 14, 2015


Former London Zoo meerkat expert Caroline Westlake was just ordered to pay ‎£800 (~$1,240) in compensation to monkey handler Kate Sanders after attacking her with a wine glass over a dispute about her ex-lover and llama-keeper Adam Davies, who had previously dated Kate. Those llama-keepers, man -- they get all the ladies.

Judge Jeremy Colman also sentenced 30-year-old Westlake to 12 months community service for assault.

The judge said Sanders had suffered a "nasty" face injury in the fracas at a zoo Christmas party on Dec. 8.

Westlake had claimed that Sanders punched her first, and said she did not remember hitting her colleague with the glass.

She was fired by the zoo after the incident.

Ahahahahha, of course it happened at the zoo Christmas party. I bet those things get f***ing WILD. I would love to get invited to one of those. Any of you work at a zoo and want to take me? How does the buffet work? Is there any chance of trying some more EXOTIC meats? Maybe I could just point at all the animals I want to try like the lobsters at a fancy restaurant? Also, what's the policy on throwing your own shit? Is that a go after the buffet closes for the night?

Thanks to my buddy Michael K, who has never heard of a zoo Christmas party that didn't end with somebody throwing their own shit.

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