Lenin Statue Repurposed As Darth Vader In Ukraine

October 26, 2015


As part of the country's decommunization plan, these are the before and after shots of a Lenin statue in Odessa, Ukraine. Sculptor Alexander Milov turned the Lenin statue into Darth Vader, because Darth Vader was a cool dude who deserves recognition. His life should be celebrated. Also, the statue serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot, because why shouldn't it? I am gonna go download some p0rn right at Vader's feet. You know I had a Darth Vader pinata at my last birthday party. We beat him with a toy lightsaber. Plus this other time I went to a birthday party with a pinata and instead of a stick they were slashing at it with a ninja sword. I left before anybody had to go to the hospital, which absolutely happened because THEY WERE SWINGING AT A PINATA WITH A NINJA SWORD.

Keep going for a closeup.


Thanks to Ashlynn, who was really hoping they were gonna turn the statue into Captain Picard instead.

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