LEGO Doctor Who TARDIS Available This December

October 7, 2015


LEGO has just announced via Facebook they're releasing their Doctor Who TARDIS set starting this December, just in time for everybody to go nuts trying to get one before Christmas. Will there be a fight in the toy store at the mall? There will be fights EVERYWHERE. I might even flip a table in the food court and try to stab a guy with a corn dog stick.

Keep going for a bunch more shots.








Thanks to me, for following LEGO on Facebook. I knew that would pay off one day.

  • I just nerd-gasmed so hard I need to change my underwear.

  • archer923

    I wish more of the control room was in it. Or Control room sets.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I still want this... even though it comes with Clara.

    I think I only say that because I'm jealous: I want to come with Clara!

    *OH SNAP!*

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  • Richard H Sanford

    Don'y you mean you want to come o...uh, never mind. >.>

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