Kitten Who Lost Both Back Legs After Birth Gets Wheels And Walks For The First Time

October 14, 2015


Meet Cassidy, a nine-week old kitten who lost both back legs shortly after birth and survived nine weeks in the forest in a feral cat colony before being rescued. Thankfully, the good folks at Handicapped Pets Canada built him a custom wheelchair so he can get around while he's being rehabilitated. They hope that with very basic prosthetics soon Cassidy will be able to get around on his own stumpy back legs and live a normal, happy life. You can watch a live stream as well as previously recorded videos of Cassidy's progress HERE (I'm going to leave a browser window open all day), but this is a short video of Cassidy taking his very first unassisted steps in his wheelchair, set to the opening of Survivor's 'Eye Of The Tiger'. It's kinda weird, I never imagined myself crying to any video using Eye Of The Tiger as the soundtrack, yet here we are. Mark it in your calendars. "10-14-2015 -- GW a confirmed sissy." Heck yeah, they should make it a holiday.

Keep going for a couple pics and the video.



Thanks to becca b, who once built a jetpack for a bird with a broken wing.

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