Japan: Gloves With A Finger That Looks Like A Cat Tail

October 20, 2015


These are the cat gloves available from Felissimo and YOU + MORE that have a cat printed on them, including its tail on the index finger. The gloves can be used to operate a smartphone, and it looks like the cat is wagging its tail whenever you swipe. People are weird, that is a fact.

Keep going for a video of the tail wagging in action.

Thanks to Lydia, who's convinced novelty tail-finger gloves are going to be all the rage this holiday season.

  • Jenness

    This sucks, I tried to buy it and it's impossible because even when I translate the page there is no international payment option at all and not an English page option. I'm bummed out. My money no good for you China?! You gripe out the "debt" the US owes but you won't even take my money. How dare you loan us trillions if you are going to act this way. Or you Japan - I can't tell because all that writing looks the same to me.


    EDITED: yeah - never mind -- you are absolutely correct....you can add to cart etc....but there is NO way to pay at checkout. Stupid...wonder why they even bother! Bummer though really....they are super cute and I would love to have a pair.

    You CAN purchase directly from this "translated" site....if you want to pay $36.36 for a pair (which I doubt includes shipping...) but if you really want them...


  • Darren Nesbitt

    Yes. Say. That!

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  • nightvisiongoggles

    Good for you, keep it up :)

  • TheQiwiMan

    It's nice to see so many spammers welcoming you back from your day off, GW! They, like us, always miss you when you take time off! :-)

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