I Need One: New Radio Rifle Designed To Disable Drones

October 20, 2015


The Battelle DroneDefender is a rifle designed to take over radio control of drones so you can bring them to the ground and stomp them. I just blasted myself in the nuts with one and now the doctor says I can't have kids for another 600 years which is actually fine with me because I need to focus on learning new magic.

The DroneDefender may be our first look at the perfect anti-drone technology. The device, which looks like a modern rifle with an antenna mechanism attached to the front -- because that's basically what it is -- uses targeted radio waves to force drones out of the sky. The nondestructive tech "utilizes a non-kinetic solution to defend airspace up to 400m against UAS, such as quadcopters and hexacopters, without compromising safety or risking collateral damage."

From what I gathered from the video, the rifle basically hijacks control of the drone with a more powerful radio signal than the original operator is using. Then you point the rifle wherever you want to steer the drone. Obviously, I want one so I can start hjacking drones, then open up my own used-drone emporium. I am gonna get rich! Or beat up, it really depends how tough drone owners are.

Keep going for a mock-up video demonstration.

Thanks to Arrogant Tiger, who called me out for forgetting his shoutout last time. That was my bad and I'm sorry. Let me take you out for froyo.

  • kasual

    Meh, who doesn't want to blast a drone from the sky with a well placed rifle shot?

  • ispitzhotfire

    So some asshole can shoot down my $2000 drone just because he is an asshole?

  • Billy Rocka

    Got one big enough to keep those pesky cop drones at bay?

  • The Chadwick

    You need one...yea more Muricans with more weapons.

  • Cup-O-Jesus

    it's not a weapon

  • If someone shot down my drone with this, I would be calling the police. I fly responsibly so would have every right to prosecute. This is the wrong way to regular drone usage and a terrible product.

  • The_Wretched

    Your drone gets close enough to me, it's going down. Go peep on someone else.

    How do we know you're not some sort of 2nd amendment type who put a gun next to the camera and are a danger to everyone?

  • I think there is something fundamentally wrong with a person that assumes everyone is out to spy on you. Why would anyone want to spy on you?

    Also, you will find that all off the shelf drones are fitted with a wide angle camera and would need to be very close to spy on an individual. At which point it would be very noisy, windy and obvious. If someone were inclined to spy they would use a zoom lens and view from far away. You would never know you are being spy'd on and hence would never know to shoot it down.

    If you shot down my drone, I would call the police and you would be liable for the cost and damages for anything that the drone hit on the way down.

    That isn't to say that all pilots are responsible, however you would be better waiting until they land and having a polite chat with them. Shooting down the drone would only create a greater hazard and make you the irresponsible person.

    If someone were stupid enough to attach a gun to the drone, phone the police immediately. Don't be daft enough to do anything else.

  • Ed

    There is nothing "fundamentally wrong" about assuming people are trying to spy on you. In fact, the Snowden incident taught us all that there are many many more people spying on us all than we ever thought possible, just because they can with their noew toys. Besides the government, normal people surreptitiously record each other with their phones all the time just to have filler to post on youtube, facebook, etc.as in "check out this fat guy/girl, etc."
    As for "why would anyone want to spy on you?" That's a good question, the answer is people, especially the NSA, want to spy on you to make sure you're not up to anything. It's only after they have violated your privacy and found nothing that they admit it wasn't worth spying in the first place.

    So when you fly around your drone and check out the people on the ground you're spying on them just the same as if you had a telescope or binoculars at your apartment window. You are an uninvited voyeur. Perhaps it's benign, and you see nothing different than if you were a passerby on the street. But it's hard to tell what someone's true intentions are by how they fly a drone, so I'd shoot you down. You can cry to the police all you want over your broken toy; I don't believe the law is on your side in this matter; in fact the law is still in flux.

  • The law would absolutely be on my side.

    Plus you completely ignored my point on the types of drones. Toy drones have wide angle lenses and would need to be within 15 meters to see anything of value. At this distance it is loud and obvious.

    The NSA and spy organisations will use a very different lens that can see you from 500 meters away.

    Therefore, for spying a toy drone is HOPELESS, a spy drone is invisible. You are only ever likely to destroy a toy drone because that is all you will ever see.

    Also if you shoot it down and it flys into someones face, you are liable because you effective took over control. It is not a sensible way to respond.

    As I said, if someone is flying irresponsibly, call the police. Anything else will only make the situation more dangerous and more illegal.

  • The_Wretched

    Funny how the drone footage we see here on geekologie and the youtubes have perfectly visible people in them. The point is I have a right to quiet enjoyment of my life without your robot taking footage of me or my family, or being noisy, windy and obvious machine.

    Regardless of the 'good guys with a drone' the law and rights on people to the quiet enjoyment of life are greater than those of a 'bad guy with a drone'.

  • Wonfis

    Right, it's only supposed to be used when the pilot is flying like an arsehole, but you know there'll be some who will target legitimate flights because they can. Similar argument applies to actual guns too.

  • palpable ovaltine

    Devices just like this have existed for years. I'm more interested in how this is able to be sold. Per the video, this seems to use (in part) GPS jamming or spoofing to down the drones. But GPS jamming is illegal, even for state and local governments, including police. Jammers themselves are illegal to market or sell in the US as well.

  • Wonfis

    The company seems to have offices (and therefore probably markets) in other countries, notably Kuwait. I don't think they care so much about the FCC.

  • ZerglingPack

    Cue all the drone haters grumbling about how this
    infringes on their rights of privacy in a public park or on the beach.

  • The_Wretched

    Taking out drones is a good thing. No wank footage of my daughter in a bikini for you!

  • Greg

    Believe me, no one wants to see your McDonald's pounding, Shamoo of a daughter.

  • The_Wretched

    Facts not in evidence and you'd weep to see her and how wrong you are.

  • ZerglingPack

    Damn you! That was the only reason I wanted to buy a drone in the first place! Well my plans are ruined.

  • timeiskey

    nobody will claim right to privacy, they will however claim that you are hijacking their shit. also known as theft

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