Huge Naturally Formed Rock Elephant Head In Iceland

October 22, 2015


This is a natural volcanic rock formation spotted on the island of Heimaey in Iceland. It looks like a giant elephant head drinking out of the Atlantic ocean. Can you see it? I can't see it. "OPEN YOUR EYES." Not now, I'm trying to daydream. "OPEN THEM OR YOU'RE FIRED." Oh -- sorry boss, I didn't realize that was you. "You still didn't open them." Yeah...can you grab the bottle of eye drops on my desk? "This is super glue." That's what I was afraid of.

Keep going for one more shot from the front.


Thanks to Melissa ISYN, who heard Mount Rushmore is jealous they don't have an ocean view.

  • Jenness

    I wonder how many people have tried to climb it to sit in that eyeball cave? Because that looks like an amazing spot to have a bubble window for my awesome Villianess Lair.

  • AmselZephlyn

    It sort of looks like there's a person standing in there in the second picture, but hard to tell.

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