Happy Back To The Future Future Day!: Doc Brown's Inspirational Message To Us All

October 21, 2015


Happy Back To The Future Future Day! This is a video of Doc Brown delivering an inspirational message about your future. LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST. I am going to live mine to the fullest in the world of Fallout 4. Doc would be proud. Doc would be so disappointed. God willing, he'll travel back in time in that DeLorean and run me over with it. But only bad enough to break my legs so I don't feel guilty laying on the sofa playing Fallout 4 for two months straight. After that though I'm really gonna start taking life seriously. Possibly in a hovering wheelchair like Professor X.

Keep going for the video, as well as a Back To The Future domino maze, a supercut of every time 'future' is said in the movies, what the movie got right and wrong about the future, interesting facts about shooting the movies, and something else I forget.

Thanks to everyone who sent something Back To The Future related over the past week, almost none of which I used because it's just too depressing to think its all in the past now. I need a hug. A hug and a cold one.

  • According to the In-Movie-Logic, Biff could not return to 2015, as he altered the Timeline..
    Plus-the Earth is moving through Space, if you travel afew Days into the Past, you`d end up in Space

  • n11

    Exactly what I realized earlier, with Biff.
    Though for the Earth moving, you could argue that the Delorean/Time-Travel/Warp is locked into the Earth's orbit.

  • Bling Nye

    Any "time travel" is going to be Space and Time travel, by simple necessity. In fact, it's really implicit in the notion of "time" travel.

    Calculating where the earth is in its orbit at any particular time is going to be pretty easy (comparatively) since it doesn't deviate all that much in orbit, barring a massive collision or something that could alter it, in which case the Earth would probably be dead as a result anyway...

    But I imagine if you can create a machine to time travel, it's not much of a stretch to incorporate a little astrophysics in calculating where the Earth is in its orbit in space.

    Additionally to that however, you have the issue of things moving on the surface of the Earth, buildings being built, mountains forming, etc., all depending on the time frame you're looking at.

    A fail-safe built into any time travel would have to include shunting you out to the nearest "unoccupied space" if you were to arrive in say the middle of a mountain or something. Not to mention putting you safely on the ground if you happen to materialize 1,000 feet above the Grand Canyon.

    THAT would actually be a bit more of the tricky part because the calculations would have to be very precise in the first place, and any margin of error would be compounded exponentially the further out you went. For example, consider a cone of space, looking from Earth outwards... we look at 2% of the sky, but the farther out you go, the larger that space is, from a few stars to thousands of galaxies.

    So ideally, in addition to time-and-space travel, you need to also have a means of flying/floating and detecting interfering material obstacles prior to full materialization.

    Just a thought.

  • Finally!

  • Deksam

    Major Oversight in BTTF1 After leaving 1955, Marty rushes back with an extra little bit of time to warn Doc about the terrorists. But after he leaps the car, it stalls and he has to run to the Lone Pine Mall to be too late. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE STALLED DeLOREAN THAT HE LEFT IN THE MIDDLE OF STREET?

  • Shooting Thepast

    After Doc Brown was shot, Marty mourned his loss but he didn't die as you well know. The Doc and Marty fix the car and Doc drops him off at home before going to the future.

  • Deksam

    Oh right. They should have put one more scene in of them fixing it.

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