Guy Performs Impressive Dubstep Song With McDonald's Cup And Straw

October 21, 2015


This is a video of very skilled musician Parker Kane performing a dubstep song with a McDonalds cup and straw. I was really impressed. How does somebody ever find out they're good at something like this? Because I've eaten more than my fair share of McDonald's, and I've never discovered I'm good at anything but distracting friends and stealing their nuggets.

Hit the jump for my new favorite song.

Thanks to Jo, who tried to do the same thing with a boba tea but wound up choking on on one of those jelly balls. OMG, pease tell me there's a Youtube video.

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  • river jester


  • paperboy

    He's fat but you like Audi so I guess you should shut up.

  • event

    Let me guess, you're poor because you made terrible life choices or you're an idiot that just doesn't know better because if you're hating on a car make over some idiotic loyalty to another company... Well then you're just pathetic.

  • MostlyPonies

    But he's actually playing an instrument, so it doesn't count.

  • timeiskey

    considering a person who spent a few hours a day banging a rock with a stick was once considered a musician in the most arbitrary sense, orchestrating music to be enjoyed by a specific target audience probably entitles someone to the title of musician.

  • MostlyPonies

    Yeah, in a broad sense of the word. But compared to singers and instrument players, I'd consider them composers.

  • Andyman7714

    Yeah, those shakes will do that to you.

  • shashi

    Meanwhile in Russia:

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