Lookin' Good: Dad Turns Son's Wheelchair Into Sweet Star Wars Snowspeeder For Halloween

October 30, 2015


This is the Star Wars snowspeeder costume that father Ryan Scott Miller built on top of his son's wheelchair for Halloween. It blows my costume out of the water, which shouldn't surprise you because I haven't come up with my costume yet. I am a last-minute kind of Halloweener. Usually I just go to the costume store and buy two costumes that are already on clearance because people have already taken pieces out of them, then combine the two. For example, last year I got half a Cleopatra costume and half a pirate costume and went as Cleopatcheye. People actually thought I put time and effort into it when in reality coming up with the clever name took the longest out of anything.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a video.



Thanks to Rebecca B, who agrees they need to make quadrocopters powerful enough to lift my weight so I can trick-or-treat as flying Peter Pan like I've always dreamed of.

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