Freaky Deaky: Makeup Artist Gives Herself Another Face

October 1, 2015


As the first in a series of Halloween tutorials, this is makeup artist Promise Tamang demonstrating how to paint and apply a realistic set of extra face parts on yourself. It is kind of hard to look at. It is very hard to look at. Medusa is easier to look at.

This is my first official video for Halloween 2015. I have a lot of other creepy, cool videos coming out this and next month. Make sure to come back to watch them all. This Double vision look is probably as crazy as the double face look I did last halloween. Staring at it too long can make your brains hurt. So beware. Drawing a double of everything in your face takes patience but you will turn heads everywhere you go in Halloween. Make it as realistic as possible using false lashes,adding contour & highlights etc.

Have you already picked out your Halloween costume for this year? What are you going to be? I'm either going to be Jaws from James Bond, or Mr. Fischoeder from Bob's Burgers. I'm leaning towards Mr. Fischoeder though because I like costumes with eye patches. Plus I want to see if anybody asks if I'm supposed to be Pirate Colonel Sanders.

Hit the jump for a video tutorial.

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