Family's Scary Halloween Decorations Upsetting Parents

October 13, 2015


This is the Halloween yard display created by Vicki Barrett and her husband of Parma, Ohio. Apparently some parents are complaining because there's an elementary school less than a block away and it's frightening the kids. I can see why. Hell, I'm a grown-ass man (only physically -- not mentally) and it's frightening me.

Parma officials say there is nothing they can do about it because the display represents freedom of expression.

"We don't want to scare kids. We just want to do the Halloween fun of it and but definitely no ill intent, no," explained Vicki Barrett.

Barrett says she and her husband haven't had any complaints. She says she even has a two-year-old and a special needs teenager andwould never do anything to purposely frighten children.

"If it's scaring some kids and we knew they're having a hard time leaving school, yeah, we may have toned it down," Barrett said.

Admittedly, that's a pretty intense Halloween display. Mine is much tamer. I usually just carve a jack-o-lantern. Then I lay on my porch and cover myself with all the blood and internal organs the butcher at the grocery store will sell me. When any trick-or-treaters come I claw at them and beg them to finish me off. Haha, I am the king of Halloween! But seriously, please nobody call the cops this year, that shit's getting old.

Keep going for one more shot of an impaled figure in the yard.


Thanks to Patricia, who always answers the door on Halloween revving a chainsaw. Please tell me you at least took the blade off first.

  • lord Gamer action

    all i say hate Today's Parents fuck them what happened world of Teacher kids be strong growing now parents think every kid should be traumatized of everything and become wimps if this how world going end up why don't kids rotting Brain LOL parents today are super idiots !

  • Nicole Love

    Its Halloween guys, nobody is decorating their houses JUST FOR YOU. I like every thing Halloween, so I like this.. It doesn't have to have a theme, as long as it's scary-ish. As for the parents who are complaining, and their children being scared... Get over it. It's Halloween, what do you want? Fucking Charlie Brown characters? Come on... If you don't want your children scared by it, don't bring them near it? It just aggravates me that people wanna dull down Halloween cause "kids are scared".. Well, isn't that the point??? Just.... stop.

  • MadMonkey

    Waaaaaah, someone put up scary Halloween decorations, waaaaah.

    Sorry it's not as PC as your inflatable pumpkin and purple LEDs.

  • Jenness

    If they want to upset them, they just need to have the neighbors across the street erect a full on biblical theme with Jesus and a host of saints pretending to "Bless" the house in a fake Holy War. Too bad people will put up with children being impaled with a knife down their throat but would have a flipping heart attack over Jesus.

    Update: They took it down, so someone must have threatened a baby Jesus manger scene for Christmas lol:

  • archer923

    Funny how people are going nuts over this. CSI and House MD showed worse gore. And far more realistic. TV-14. Just move the elementary school. And put a middle school in.

  • Bling Nye

    So, this is OK to have in your yard, but naked people is TOO MUCH. *smh*

    Seriously, consider what's acceptable--murder, violence, blood, gore; and what is not--a female nipple, a butt, boobs, penis, vagina. EVERYONE has naked body parts under their clothes. But not everyone is a psychopathic murderer.

    So why is extreme gore and violence just fine in public, but any sort of nudity is not?

    Ain't that just a bit of fcuked up, dontchathink??

  • archer923

    Because gore is rated PG-13. Boobs is NC-17, by these peoples nipples. I mean eyes...

  • MJ

    "Barrett says she and her husband haven't had any complaints." Because nobody is brave/stupid enough to knock on their front door!

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    A thing happened in these peoples' community that they don't care for. They're allowed to complain about it. It's not like the government is stepping in to curtail free speech.

    And for the family to act all "What, us?" about it, that's total bullshit. You knew when you put this up you'd get reactions.

  • shashi

    "Barrett says she and her husband haven't had any complaints" during the interview with local news about all the complaints. Yeah they're trolling

  • I dont see this as scary just looks gross.

  • Matt Fricke

    Or disturbing...

  • TheQiwiMan

    If I were a murderer, I'd dump the body of my victims on their lawn. Nobody would notice till they clean up in November!


  • timeiskey

    the smell

  • Edward

    I think its fine. Kids need to toughen up. My 6yr old nephew gets scared just walking past some goofy skulls in the Halloween section at the grocery store. It's just sad.

  • a_narwhal

    Yeah... no. I don't think small kids need to "toughen up" to scenes depicting disturbing things and graphic violence. I think we need to stop expecting kids to be desensitized to this type of thing.

  • Guesticle

    buy them more videogames

  • Aarron Jawors

    The impaled man is a bit much.....and thats it.

    Dont get me wrong, Im more for creepy than actually outright scary for yard decor BECAUSE of the kids, leave the really scary stuff for haunted houses adults can choose to go to, but this? 90% of it wouldnt even pass Spirit of Halloween for scary products.

  • Eh, not impressed. There is no cohesion, no theme; it's just a bunch of random "scary" crap.

    4/10, try again next year.

  • hearsetrax

    I see your 4/10 and lower it to 1/10

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