Disney Developing 3-D Augmented Reality Coloring Books

October 8, 2015


This is a video demonstration of Disney's new augmented reality system that allows a child to see a 3D version of the character they're coloring as they're coloring it. Obviously, I would have drawn a penis on that elephant IMMEDIATELY. Apparently Crayola already did something similar previously but you had to wait until you were finished coloring to see the 3D version. This one is real-time. Are regular coloring books not enough anymore? Does a child have to look through a tablet to be entertained by a coloring book these days? Because when I was growing up coloring books were strictly ANALOG. And those lines were VERY DIFFICULT to stay between, let me tell you. I think in my whole life my mom only hung like two of my coloring book pages on the fridge, and one of those I had to give a girl at school my chocolate milk at lunch to color for me.

Keep going for the video demo.

Thanks to Jas, who purposefully colors outside the lines because lines are for conformists and if the color of a character's pants bleed into the background that is OKAY.

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