Damn Rich People: Own Your Own Mobile Private Island

October 2, 2015


Yachts are for poor people. This is Kokomo Ailand, a mobile private island developed by Migaloo Private Submarines (who specialize in submersible yachts). They haven't actually built one yet, but claim they can immediately with existing technology provided someone forks over the cash. The penthouse sits 260-feet above sea level and options (including a jungle deck with waterfalls, glass-bottomed Jacuzzis and pools, helipad, submarine docks, etc etc) are basically unlimited because you're a billionaire. Alternatively, buy a stationary island like a non-@$$hole. You inherited a bunch of family money, you're not a Bond villain.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots and a video of even more renderings.











Thanks to Steven HB, who would be happy to own a kayak.

  • Jenness

    I like how they have rare parrots and other exotics living on the island. And a whale doing a back flip for the owner's amusement. Not to mention docks for both submarines and other fancy yachts. The only thing it's missing is a random tiger just chilling out with a gold leash held by a supermodel in the ads. Which shows a clear lack of understanding the target audience. This is so cool, I mean imagine driving this monstrosity the 8kph through the water and docking it, then getting into your yacht, then docking that and getting into a smaller boat, then driving that to some dive bar on the water somewhere then ordering one beer and leaving. Tipping of course, but 18%, nothing too fancy. Yeah....that's the life right there.

  • Underwater elevator for shark feeding? Anyone see that? This IS a fucking bond villain base!

  • Jeff Buehring

    Why wouldn't he just retrofit a retired oil platform? They have mobile ones.

  • Bling Nye


  • archer923

    Better keep that chopper fueled. I'd hate to be on that boat in a bad storm.

  • Siegfoult

    I'll take 3.

  • Meh

    It might be me, but wouldn't it better and safer to just build a really big sturdy and luxurious submarine?

  • Apparently that's old shit. That's what the company does now, so all the other billionaires already have em. You can pick up a used one for like $40 mil now, it's chump change. Real ballers wouldn't waste their time with that 2008 shit, this island is the real 2000 and late.

  • Bitter asshole

    And here I am, struggling to get by each month....

  • kurgen99

    You could always be a servant on that island.

  • Desk don't swab themselves.

  • DeffStarr

    Mother Base <3

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